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January 1 Mo: Doshanbeh: Dey 2 Tu: Seshhanbeh: Dey 3 We: Chaharshanbeh: Dey 4 Th: Panjshanbeh: Dey January - March - July - August. The Iranian calendars are a succession of calendars invented or used for over two millennia in Iran (Persia). One of the longest chronological records in human   History - Ancient calendars - Medieval era: Jalali - Modern calendar: Solar. The Iranian calendar (also known as Persian calendar or the Jalaali Calendar) is a solar calendar currently used in Iran and Afghanistan. It is observation-based.

An interactive Iranian calendar and clock. May/Jun , AM. Time in Iran. Khordad Iranian Items on eBay. Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries Calendar for Year (Iran). Officially used in Iran and Afghanistan, the Solar Hijri calendar is one of the world's It is also known as Persian Calendar, Iranian Calendar, and SH Calendar.

The Persian Calendar Converter can convert from any date according to the Gregorian Calendar into a date according to the Persian or Iranian Calendar. Iran uses a calendar of its own which is slightly more exact than the Gregorian calendar. The present Iranian calendar, also called the Jalali calendar, dates back. 21 Mar The vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere marks the first day of the new year for Iran. The calendar, known as a Solar Hirji calendar, is the. Related Links Public Holidays in Iran · Current Local Time in Iran · Persian Resources · Front Page Adapted from Formilab's Calendar Converter. The Persian calendar is a solar calendar with a starting point that matches that of the Islamic calendar. Apart from that, the two calendars are not related.

9 Nov Answered: Before attempting to review the major holidays and festivals celebrated in Iranian calendars, it is necessary to explain some features. While all of the answers cover some aspects of the calendar, I see necessary to add some details. Officially it is known is Jalali calendar. You might call it Hijri. The Iranian calendar (گاهشماری هجری خورشيدى) also known as Persian calendar or the Jalāli Calendar is a solar calendar currently used in Iran and Afghanistan. This app displays the official calendar of Iran. The official calendar in Iran (and Afghanistan) is the modern Iranian calendar. It includes official holidays of Iran.


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